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A&M Electricals Ltd have been responsible for all IUS electrical installation works for a number of years.

We provide Electrical installation staff and Electrical Commissioning Engineers of varying competencies including CRE, Level A’s AC/DC, Level B’s AC/DC, Level D’s acceptance of papers, Level C Substation Access, PTS, IWA and COSS.

Works – A&M have successfully completed numerous AC sites fir IUS. Typically the works involved will include:

• HV Bypass of substation OR Parallel Build of new HV Equipment.
• Installation of new HV Switchgear.
• Installation of new LVAC Panel and transfer from old to new.
• Replace Auxiliary Transformers
• Domestic Lighting and Power
• Commission all equipment into service
• BS7671 LV Installation certification

DC Works- Historically A&M and IUS have been front runners when it has come to the successful turnaround of DC switchgear upgrades. We have been recognised and commended for the high standard of installation with quick, incident free projects.

Typically the works involved will include:

• DC Bypass of the site OR Installation of temporary modules.
• Strip out old DC Switchgear.
• Floor Preperation.
• Installation of new DC Switchgear.
• LV Domestic installation
• BS7671 LV Installation certification

IUS electrical installation

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