What We Do


We offer a bespoke service however complex and whatever size of the project

Our specialised team of Engineers will work with you from the very start of the pre planning stages throughout the project right to the end. Assisting you in the design, construction, installation, upgrade and maintenance works of the project needs.

Developing need analyses reporting and relevant system certifications.Our work is always to the very highest of quality and SMART planning help us to achieve multi project interfacing whilst practicing great diversity throughout. Minimising risk, offering a performance which is, a safe environment, rich in Industry Knowledge & Individual expertise.

Service Brochure
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  • Level A: AC and DC competent engineers for Isolation and Earthing, issuing of HV Permits to Work, Certificates of Isolation, Circuit State Certificates and Sanctions for Test.
  •  Level B: AC and DC Competent engineers for HV / LV Switching.
  • Level C and D competent engineers for Substation access and permit accepting.
  •  Three Phase / Single Phase competent engineers.
  • Testers in Charge / Lead System Test Engineers
  • System testing capabilities including HV Overhead Line section proving / Short Circuit Testing / Entry into Services of new HV Substation Equipment.
  • VL / VT monitoring to confirm system immunisation.
  • Preparation of switching documentation / commissioning schedules / Strategies /testing documentation.
  • HV / LV Switchgear Testing and Commissioning including:
  • Protection Relay testing – including Schneider, Areva Micom Protection equipment PX20, PX40, PX30 Series , Siemens Siprotec Series, ABB REF protection.
  • Synchronised Injection Testing using GPS linked test equipment;
  • IEC 61850 network testing;
  • HV DC / VLF cable pressure testing,
  • Switchgear AC pressure testing;
  • Contact resistance testing;
  • Switchgear function testing;
  • Earth mat testing;
  • Pilot transfer and testing works;

  • Rectifier testing;
  • HV AC Switchboard testing;
  • DC Switchboard testing;
  • Serial Data bus testing / IEC61850 / Modbus setup and testing;
  • Remote monitoring equipment testing.
  • Expertise in implementing Programmable Scheme Logic / Settings Files for protection relay equipment.
  • Autotransformer / transformer testing HV / LV testing.
  • Supervisory and SCADA commissioning, End to End testing from site to Electrical Control Room.
  • Structure Mounted Outdoor Switchgear (SMOS) testing and commissioning.
  • Motor Operated Switch (MOS) setup and commissioning.
  • National Grid – Person competent engineers.
  • Engineers competent to Controller of Site Safety (COSS) including Overhead Line and Conductor Rail Permit.
  • Experience in the test and commissioning of HV systems interfacing with the National Grid and Network Rail Overhead line Catenary systems.
  • HV and LV Electrical installation technicians and engineers.
  • BS7671 – 17th edition Low Voltage competent testers.

WhatWe Believe In:

  • Clear & transparent communication is vital
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Good relationships forged
  • Working together safely & harmoniously
  • Embracing our employees & clients
  • Sharing our knowledge

Solutions to your services
with practical and friendly advice



Modification of all Traction power systems also include replacement, maintenance and upgrades.

Emergency response

We are specialists in Fault finding, diagnostics, location and repair and temporary repair.

  • Fully compatible remote monitor testing available
  • Individual packages.



Installation, Preparation of switching documentation, Testing & documentation, commissioning & inspection works on all traction powered sub stations including Transformers, earthing systems, circuit breakers, SMOS, MOS and SCADA, protection and control settings, cabling, joints and terminations, including Entry into Services of new HV Substation Equipment.

Installation works of system upgrades and renewals. System testing capabilities including HV Overhead Line section proving & Short Circuit Testing.


Commissioning & Testing

Commissioning & Testing works on all fully integrated systems Protection. Preparatory works, planning, Certification and associated documentation prepared for each individual client including commissioning schedules & Strategic planning and preparation layouts.

Our Commissioning work Gaurantees the install is fully operational, fully functional and safe for all of the new, upgraded and maintained equipment.

Testing works carried out on Pressure testing, switchgear testing, pilot and earth testing, HV/LV testing, contact resistance testing, Busbar, rectifier and resistance and short circuit tests.

Our Mission

  • We aim to provide the highest quality service to our customers, ensuring we are on time and within budget.
  • We work safely, always adhering to Network Rail health and safety guidelines and national/ international health and safety standards.
  • We offer our customers a bespoke service, tailored to their requirements, with the experience and expertise to fulfil any project.