A & M Electricals have worked alongside Carillion for many years now. Some of the Projects we have worked on for Carillion are EGIP, RACE and currently OOCPa and WITI.

We successfully completed the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme ‘EGIP Project’. Much of the work carried out included:

  • Pre Commissioning and testing
  • Circuit Breaker installs, modifications and renewals
  • Protection settings,
  • working on P438 relays: removal and assembly work
  • SCADA testing
  • HV cable installation
  • LV cable installation
  • RCCB installs

HV Bypass of substation OR Parallel Build of new HV Equipment.

• Installation of new HV Switchgear.
• Installation of new LVAC Panel and transfer from old to new.
• Replace Auxiliary Transformers
• Domestic Lighting and Power
• Commission all equipment into service
• BS7671 LV Installation certification

• DC Bypass of the site OR Installation of temporary modules.
• Strip out old DC Switchgear.
• Floor Preperation.
• Installation of new DC Switchgear.
• LV Domestic installation
• BS7671 LV Installation certification




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